Our journals capture the magic of repurposed books.

Each one-of-a-kind journal cover has its own history and unique feel.

We recycle vintage books to create high-quality writing journals. We sell our products to an array of wonderful retail stores across Canada. We also create customized products for events and businesses.

Finding that perfect journal cover gives you a special feeling – like discovering a treasure that’s meant for you. That’s part of why customers love our products and keep coming back for more.

Our Story

The inspiration for Re-cover Journals comes from our environmental ethic.

When we started out in 2000, it was almost impossible to find Canadian-made journals using 100% recycled paper. Although that has changed we still believe that our journals are the most recycled journals out there! Our paper is 100% post-consumer recycled, meaning the paper has been used before, it’s not just manufacturing scrap.

We sell to wholesale customers across Canada. Stores ranging from environmental shops, to independent bookstores, gift stores, stationery sellers, antique stores, gallery shops, and more.

We're home based.

We are a small, home-based business. The business is so compact that for the first three years it operated out of my childhood bedroom.

We love what we do.

It is a magical process to discover discarded books and transform them into our journals. It’s a delight to see people discover the journal or notebook that’s perfect for them.

We're dedicated.

We regularly experiment with other discarded materials. We have made vinyl record albums into photo albums and old bingo cards into notebooks.

Journal Specs

Our journal covers are from used books that are destined for the dustbin. We rescue the books and re-bind them with beautiful, blank recycled paper. We use 70 sheets of 100% post-consumer recycled paper per journal.

Our journals have metal coil bindings which journal connoisseurs love because they are durable and great for writing on the go. The journals, like the books, come in a variety of sizes. They are never smaller than 6½” x 4” or much larger than 9″x10″. Some journals are pristine, others have obviously lived a full life.

Each journal has a colourful and informative label attached so customers can read about its origin.

We work with you to match the selection of journals in your order to your clientele. Although you can’t order specific titles or images we’re experienced at working with you to ensure you get journals your customers will love.


Here’s a taste of some of our one-of-a-kind journal covers. Which styles do you like best?


Custom Products

Our custom products are the perfect way for you to say thank you to your clients, employees and conference participants. Our product line features rescued and recycled materials so, in addition to being memorable and practical, they reflect the ecological values of your organization.

We offer a variety of custom products. Our most popular option uses covers from old books, like our traditional Re-cover Journals, but with blank covers so you can chose a “title”. We then emboss the title for you. Groups often choose the name of their organization or conference, for instance.

We offer a wide range of customized products, such as notebooks, planners and calendars. If you’d like more information send us an email.




In the 90s, I realized how much I love making beautiful things with paper. Since then I’ve created all kinds of hand-made books and cards but this is my favourite project ever. As a passionate environmentalist and a book nerd I get so much joy from discovering old books and giving them new life. It can be musty, dusty, heavy work but the playfulness in re-imagining what a cover might become, my growing appreciation for the craft and history of book covers and the happy accidents that bring just the right journal to the right person at the right time all keep me coming back for more!



Sales & Marketing Manager

I joined the Re-cover Journals team in 2004. I spent many years representing a variety of artists and craft people so it’s a great fit! Re-cover not only has the coolest journals but also the most wonderful customers. I love getting to know the interesting, independent stores that carry our journals and the fantastic people that own and run them.

Maggy says: Fran’s talent for relationships and sassy sense of humour are invaluable!!

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